Live Review: Sarah Blasko, Jack Colwell

26 April 2016 | 12:34 pm | Hannah Blackburn

"Bass guitar is changed out for double bass and we have a feeling we're about to get the anticipated classic Sarah Blasko show."

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While entering Forum Theatre we are greeted by an incredibly epic performance from Jack Colwell. The five-piece band comprises bassist, lead guitarist, an incredibly talented drummer, violinist and Colwell himself, who plays keys as well as taking on lead vocal duties. Together they create a theatrical pop-folk sound, which is aptly demonstrated through two of their big songs, Seek The Wilde and Don't Cry Those Tears.

In the intermission, the room slowly fills with a wide variety of people, from late teens to baby boomers, which highlights Sarah Blasko's wide-ranging appeal. The crowd migrates down to the standing area of the theatre. So we follow, expecting an intimate folk performance. However, to our surprise we are greeted with flashing white stage lights and a six-piece band all dressed in black suits. They kick off the set with Blasko's new song I Am Ready. Blasko has previously admitted her new album is entirely about love and this material has an upbeat electronic feel. Playing five brand new songs from her latest album, Eternal Return, Blasko then wraps up this part of her set with Beyond.

Bass guitar is changed out for double bass and we have a feeling we're about to get the anticipated classic Sarah Blasko show. Charging into All I Want, Blasko uses two microphones, switching to an extra one with added reverb throughout. Her husky voice echoes around the bandroom. Blasko then goes straight into the next song, this time with added percussion and everyone knows it's time for We Won't Run. For the entire show, Blasko dances around the stage, commenting on the real reason for this: she apparently wears a pair of tap shoes, purely for the fact that she likes the feel of them. Blasko admits she has no dance background, but continues to gracefully stride across the stage for the duration of her set.

After the band leave the stage, we hope Blasko will return for an encore and play her beautiful rendition of Bowie's Life Of Mars? However, on the day after his passing, Blasko plays a tribute to Prince with Martika's Love... Thy Will Be Done (which Martika wrote in collaboration with Prince). She then announces her final song, I Awake.

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