Spice Girls Reunion Rumours Confirmed

8 March 2024 | 8:59 am | Mary Varvaris

After months of teasing, Mel B has shared that the big news is dropping later this year.

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After months of hints, teases and rumours, Mel B has finally confirmed that the Spice Girls will reunite later this year.

Appearing on the British talk show Loose Women yesterday (7 March), the co-host, Christine Lampard, asked about the possibility of a reunion. She added, “We need happiness, we need empowerment back again, we need Spice Girls back basically.”

Mel B cheekily responded, “Tell me about it,” getting Lampard interested in more information. Mel B revealed, “Oh, no, we are definitely doing something. I’m probably going to get told off, but I’ve said it. There you go.”

She continued, “We’ll be announcing at some point later this year. Now, I’m going to be in trouble.”

You can watch Mel B’s interview below - with the Spice Girls chatter beginning around 10:28.

Rumours (and possibilities) of a Spice Girls reunion have been circling since (at least) last May when Mel B told The Sun that the group was planning something special.

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“We're just finishing off perfecting what we're going to be doing together, all five of us, but it's going to be something that the fans are really going to love,” she said.

Detailing the timing required to organise the reunion properly, she added, “We've managed to do that, so there should be an announcement pretty soon.”

In July, Mel B indicated that the OG five Spice Girls are back together and working on a new project. “It’s about fucking time,” she commented, per Perth Now.

Revealing that Victoria Beckham, AKA Posh Spice, was leading the charge, Mel B said, “We are doing something together as the Spice Girls, and it has always been me kind of championing everybody together.

“This time it was actually Victoria that was saying, ‘Come on, let’s all do something.’ So, we have got something in the works.”

Earlier this year, she hinted at “really good news” supposedly coming “in a few weeks”.

“Well, I've been saying this forever, but now we're actually going to be releasing some really good news in about a few weeks that involves all five of us,” she said.

Promising that fans would be “100% satisfied” with the forthcoming news, she added, “It's going to be the gift that keeps on giving, without saying too much about it. I'm going to get myself into so much trouble.”

In November, her bandmate Mel C was in Australia for a DJ set at the Heaps Gay Harbour Party in Sydney and responded to questions about when she’ll return to Australia: really soon and “may have some friends with me” next time.

If the Spice Girls reunion is indeed happening, it will be the first time the five-piece has reformed since performing at the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games.