Is A New Foo Fighters Album Landing Next Month?

11 February 2023 | 9:05 am | Mary Varvaris

This radio and television presenter has sent the rumour mill into overdrive.

(Pic by Danny Clinch)

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UK radio presenter Chris Moyles accidentally leaked news about Foo Fighters releasing a new album next month.

On his Radio X show earlier this week, Moyles said, "I love that song so much – Foo Fighters, and Walk," he started after playing the 2011 single. "They’ve got a new album coming out in, er, March, Foo Fighters… which I’m very much looking forward to."

Of course, Foo Fighters fan pages and multiple news outlets picked up his quote and ran a story, which has caused a "kerfuffle" that Moyles has apologised for.

"I think people want me to say, 'yes, I can’t say anything else, I can’t say anymore but yes, I’m telling you there is a new album coming out in March this year.' I’m not going to say any of that," he added earlier this week, per NME. "Look, all I will say is this. I can’t say anymore…anyway, sorry Dave. I’m really sorry Dave."

On New Year's Day, Dave Grohl and the remaining Foo Fighters members confirmed that the band would continue, with a return to the road seemingly imminent.  

"Foo Fighters were formed 27 years ago to represent the healing power of music and a continuation of life," the band's New Year's post reads. 

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"And for the past 27 years our fans have built a worldwide community, a devoted support system that has helped us all get through the darkest of times together. A place to share our joy and our pain, our hopes and our fears and to join in a chorus of life together through music. Without Taylor we never would have become the band that we were-- and without Taylor we know that we're going to be a different band going forward." 

"We also know that you, the fans meant as much to Taylor as he meant to you. And we know that when we see you all again- and we will soon- he'll be there in spirit with all of us every night."

Foo Fighters weren’t exaggerating when they told fans they’d be back this year. The famous rock band will headline three massive US music festivalsBoston Calling, Bonnaroo, and Sonic Temple, the latter of which hasn’t hosted a line-up in three years due to COVID-19. 

Fans have understandably reacted excitedly to the news, with the band known for their big live shows. With a catalogue spanning over ten studio albums across three decades of hits, the band are one of the most successful rock acts of all time and a return to the road will be welcomed across the globe. 

There is no word yet on any rescheduling of the band's Australian shows that were slated to go ahead in November and December of this year prior to Taylor Hawkins' passing. The band were to have performed seven stadium shows across Australia and New Zealand and are expected to return when the band are back on the road.