Exclusive: Grinspoon Reveal Album Details From LA

7 June 2012 | 1:52 pm | Scott Fitzsimons

The band's seventh studio album is slated for September.

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Grinspoon's frontman Phil Jamieson has revealed details of the band's seventh studio album to theMusic.com.au today.

The record will be called Black Rabbits and is slated for a September release. Hardcore fans might have guessed the name given it's the title of guitarist Pat Davern's blog, which they are updating during the recording process, and the band updated their Facebook with a post that just read "Black Rabbits" yesterday.

Currently recording it in Los Angeles studio The Bank with producer Dave Schiffman (whose credits include The Bronx and Weezer), they are tracking 14 songs. The 14 have been whittled down from a list of 60 they wrote over a two-year period.

Jamieson said today, "Those poor rejected songs all by themselves make me feel sad."

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In something of a postcard, the frontman said he was enjoying the American malt liquor Olde English 800 while other band members were spending their down time watching hockey and hiking.

Read the full note from Jamieson below:

Hello buddies.

Grinspoon are currently bunkered down in Los Angeles recording album 7. We are recording with Dave Schiffman (the Bronx, Weezer, BRMC) in a studio called The Bank.

We are going to track 14 songs after an exhaustive 2 year writing process when over 60 songs were composed. Those poor rejected songs all by themselves make me feel sad.

Kristian is enjoying Korean taco stands.

I am enjoying Olde English 800.

Joe is enjoying the hockey (go Kings) and Pabst Blue Ribbon, Pat is enjoying whole foods, Trader Joes and hiking.

Some of the crazy song titles so far include Just A Sound Beaujolais Carnies Make The Best Friends. That last one isn't actually a song title, I just thought of it then. It would probably make an excellent tune though.

We will be back around September annoying y'all with album 7.

Till then,


P.S. The album is called "Black Rabbits" x

Update: We jumped in to tidy up the note at his request...


It will be the band's first record since 2009's Six To Midnight.