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Album Review: Wild Nothing - Indigo

3 September 2018 | 12:32 pm | Donald Finlayson

"Whether or not you'll enjoy his latest full length, Indigo, really depends on how much of that Captured Tracks sound you can tolerate."

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Another indie pop album with a retro '80s sound? Sound the alarm, people!

We're kidding, but with the number of artists that sound just like this, it's likely that Duran Duran has been putting something in the drinking water or that Flock of Seagulls is involved with chemtrails. Wild Nothing is the indie rock/dream pop studio project of Jack Tatum. And whether or not you'll enjoy his latest full length, Indigo, really depends on how much of that Captured Tracks sound you can tolerate.

Instrumentally it's all very functional and well put together. All the usual sonic suspects show up to have their moment; guitar that's heavy on the flanger, icy synths that sound straight out of a Rick Astley tune, drums with gated reverb etc. The gang's all here! The second half of Partners In Motion features a slightly atonal saxophone solo that easily ranks as the album's most exciting moment. But with Tatum sticking to same vocal register all throughout Indigo, it's not much of a competition.

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The choruses don't smack you around like they should, but at least they're there. Fans of bands like Real Estate and DIIV will probably enjoy Indigo. But for anyone that enjoys their pop and rock with a healthy amount of passion or freewheeling courage, keep on lookin.