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Live Review: Sarah Blasko, Ryan Downey

15 June 2018 | 4:46 pm | Tom O'Donovan

"Sarah Blasko burst on stage and immediately owned her square of the stage as she jumped around frenetically."

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With a voice that filled the Rosemount Hotel wonderfully, fingerpicking Melburnian Ryan Downey ached and yearned through his songs, using his booming baritone as his vehicle.

His warm-yet-humble stage presence preceded some top-shelf originals, particularly Tidings and Running, the crafty title track from his new album. Keep your ears peeled for more from this real talent.

One who has always forged her own creative path, Sarah Blasko burst on stage and immediately owned her square of the stage as she jumped around frenetically like a hyped'up 'Jane-in-the-box'. Starting with Phantom and A Shot, the first two tracks off her latest offering Depth Of Field, it soon became clear the Sydneysider and her band would run through the album in its entirety, before rounding the night out with some early Blasko tunes.

"You don't have to say/I know you're leaving," introduced new number Savour It; but not a single soul was exiting as she maintained her mesmerising hold on the audience. The set reached new heights as Blasko's vocal soared on Read My Mind, her seemingly choreographed hand gestures and flicks of the hair involving the crowd through every move.

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Blasko's passion to perform ensured I Am Ready, God-Fearing and We Won't Run were delivered with aplomb. The last track's earthy introductory bassline and tom drum combo was coloured with splashes of well-timed keyboard tinkles, before a brief encore of Down On Love and Without concluded a night to remember.