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Live Review: Ruby Fields, Fritz, MVRKS

23 April 2018 | 12:47 pm | Melissa Borg

"Her mum then successfully crowd surfed offstage, prompting Fields to affirm that she has the best mum in the world."

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Cronulla locals MVRKS kicked off tonight's show. Their sound is rooted in classic psych-rock with groovy hooks at the helm, which drew a crowd of new and old friends who keenly danced and sang along.

An old friend, Ruby Fields was singled out by the band, jovially teasing that Fields wasn't even playing shows a year ago when they last toured together, but still said their obligatory thank you. With a bit of polish, their tracks show their potential as the next Tame Impala (minus the likes of genius Kevin Parker).

FRITZ aka Tilly Murphy and band got off to a rocky start with Murphy's microphone stand gradually falling until a good Samaritan from the audience ran up and fixed it. Mic aside, the five-piece seemed nervous and the unbalanced mix wasn't doing them any favours, but as each lo-fi song went by the band (and mix) improved. The second last track was a newbie and a catchy shoegaze tune, so keep your ears peeled as it's set to be released soon, while YUK! was a fun closer.

At just 19, self-described "average girl" Ruby Fields has really got to shake that title, given she's practically sold out her first headline tour (including tonight's show). The relatability of her lyrics, drowned in teenage angst, do really hit home for most in the room.

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Fields opened her set with Ritalin, the most angsty of them all, instantly winning over the room (not that most needed convincing). She then proceeded to play her debut EP Your Dad's Opinion For Dinner in its entirety, throwing in older track VB and a mint cover of Garbage's Cherry Lips - which let's be honest, a lot of the younger crowd didn't seem to really know.

Fields announced her whole family was here watching, getting her mum up onstage for Redneck Lullaby - a song about the tumultuous parent-child relationship. Her mum then successfully crowd surfed offstage, prompting Fields to affirm that she has the best mum in the world.

Fields rounded out the set with soon to be teenage anthems P Plates and I Want - of which she could barely be heard over the lyrics being screamed back at her. This reviewer is excited to see how Ruby Fields continues to ride this wave.