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Live Review: Mayday Parade, The Early November, Avastera

17 October 2016 | 3:59 pm | Aneta Grulichova

"Punters sung to every word, getting louder and louder as it went on."

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Perth's Avastera opened the night with their new single Oceans, with new lead singer Adrian Wilson killing it on vocals. The guys pulled off a killer set, smashing out Robbers, Breathing Hope and December Sun, with the crowd enjoying every moment.

New Jersey four-piece The Early November burst onto the stage with Better This Way and Frayed In Doubt. Sadly they experienced a few technical difficulties throughout the set, with a few ear-piercing sounds coming through as the microphone dropped out — making it hard to hear lyrics. However, vocalist Ace Enders didn't let this affect him as has vocals were strong: he has one set of incredible lungs that hit all the high notes in Decorations and I Don't Care.

"What's up, Perth? How we doing?" Lead singer Derek Sanders shouted before Mayday Parade launched into Jersey and Keep In Mind, Transmogrification Is A New Technology. Sanders jumped around like a kid high on sugar, with his luscious brown locks covering his face as he sang When You See My Friends, with the crowd jumping with him.

Jamie All Over, Hollow, and Letting Go sent the crowd wild via Sanders' infectious energy. He continued to smash out songs from all Mayday Parade albums, enough to please any fan. After dedicating Terrible Things to all those who are having a hard time, the guys stepped back in time with their 2006 Tales Told By Dead Friends EP, smashing out Three Cheers For Five Years and When I Get Home, You're So Dead.

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The only downside about the set was that during a few songs the crowd couldn't hear any vocals from Sanders as the music was louder than the microphone, even dropping out a few times in Ghosts and Kids In Love.

With the spotlight adorning Sanders, he launched into Stay and Miserable At Best, with only his keyboard as the theatre filled with lights from phones from the crowd. Punters sung to every word, getting louder and louder as it went on. Sanders was grinning ear to ear before he disappeared off stage as the crowd still sung the last verse of the song.

"We will be back as soon as we possibly can, I promise," Sanders said before the guys gave it their all in I'd Hate To Be You When People Find Out What This Song Is About.