Album Review: Duke Dumont - Blase Boys Club Part 1

14 October 2015 | 4:00 pm | Dylan Stewart

"It's a release that - despite its short playing time - offers listening pleasure for casual house music fans or aficionados."

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Four tracks, 18 minutes, and a comprehensive take of house music's current position courtesy of one of its highest-profile purveyors.

Duke Dumont has released the first of what will become a collection of EPs, spanning from spoken-word, seven-minute disco track Robert Talking (featuring '80s house vocalist Robert Owens) to groovy, windows-down Ocean Drive, blissed-out highlight Melt and unabashed banger Won't Look Back. It's a release that — despite its short playing time — offers listening pleasure for casual house music fans or aficionados, but one feels that Blase Boys Club won't be complete until the next instalment or two have arrived.