Album Review: Blackpool Lights - 'This Town's Disaster'

26 November 2007 | 10:52 pm | Staff Writer
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A healthy dose of “feel good tunes” that's just in time for summer...

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Why didn't someone tell me

about Blackpool Lights earlier!? Since I got my hands on this record

a couple of weeks ago it's hardly left my stereo... and I say hardly

because it's been competing with Lifetime, so I'm sure you understand.

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Featuring ex – The Get Up Kids guitarist/vocalist Jim Suptic, Blackpool

Lights play a pop friendly brand of rock which is easy to sing along

to and most importantly, it's fun! 

The album's title track is

a perfect example of what BPL are all about. Warm guitar sounds, toe

tapping drum beats and easy to remember melodies are all on offer here,

and if you were a fan of Jim's previous work with The Get Up Kids then

you'll definitely enjoy this tune.  

“Blue Skies” has more in

common with those country lovin' Yanks in Limbeck than a mid 90's emo

band but I urge you not to be turned off by the mention of the C word.

The minimal instrumentation and less layered production allows Jim's

voice to really cut through the mix and it's great to see him take center stage

after playing second fiddle in his previous band. 

When an album is this consistent

it's hard to choose stand out tracks... but “Empty Tank” is exactly

that! While there's nothing technical about the playing, the guitar

parts really stand out and the harmonized vocals throughout the chorus

give the song a real kick. “Maybe Just Maybe” is your more standard

singer/song writer fare but somehow BPL pulls it off without sounding

cliché. The key change in the bridge makes way for a powerful vocal

performance and a neat little guitar solo, all the while keeping with

the song's Americana vibe. 

The next couple of songs didn't

really grab me as much as the opening half of this record but the band

redeem themselves with “Goodnight Romance”. A pop rock song in the

truest sense of the term, it's all about four to the floor beats and

catchy chord progressions, something BPL seem to excel at. “Crash

Sounds” is the record's token ballad and while it does feel as though

the momentum of the previous track has been lost, it's still a great

song in its own right. 

“Cursed By Yourself” was

a cool surprise, especially the inclusion of the slide guitar during

the intro and “Lost Without You” ranks as one of my favourite tracks

on the album. “Unlucky” is far from being the best song on “This

Town's Disaster” but let's be honest... how many records close with

their strongest tracks anyway!?

There's nothing complex about

Blackpool Lights. They're effectively a rock band writing and playing

pop songs... and doing it damn well!

  1. This Town's Disaster
  2. Blue Skies
  3. Empty Tank
  4. Maybe Just Maybe
  5. It's Never About What

    It's About

  6. The Truth About Love
  7. Goodnight Romance
  8. Crash Sounds