The Avalanches Release New Demo With Silver Jews Member

21 August 2012 | 12:17 pm | Dan Condon

The spoken word demo A Cowboy Overthrow Of The Heart has just dropped.

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They are the biggest teases in the music world today; it's been almost 12 years since The Avalanches released the masterpiece that is Since I Left You and we've been waiting for a follow up pretty much ever since, but to no avail.

Hints have been dropped, rumours circulated and the band themselves have even made a few half-promises, but still nothing has been forthcoming. A couple of days ago, they promised they'd give us something.

Sure enough, today The Avalanches have released a demo on their website, giving hungry fans their first taste of new material in quite some time. Anyone who registers on the band's website can listen to A Cowboy Overthrow Of The Heart, a mainly spoken work track with a few unmistakable Avalanches flourishes in the background. The narrator in the song is one David Berman of Silver Jews fame.

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We have absolutely no idea whether this will be a track on their next record, if we ever actually get to hear it, but it's better than nothing.