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Robert Forster Releases… Muesli?

19 July 2023 | 11:04 am | Mary Varvaris

"Needless to say, there is an entire Philosophy behind my wish to make a muesli."

Robert Forster's 'Spring Grain' Muesli

Robert Forster's 'Spring Grain' Muesli (Source: Facebook/Robert Forster)

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If you thought Snoop Dogg entering the cereal game with the short-lived idea of Snoop Loopz was strange but entertaining, look closer to home, and we have something better. One of Australia’s most beloved songwriters, Robert Forster, has launched a muesli brand.

One of Forster’s dreams has come true with the reveal of organic muesli Spring Grain. The signature Robert Forster muesli is now on the market.

Spring Grain has been released via the new company, Breakfast Mythology, started by Pete Paphides, who’s behind record label Needle Mythology – the label has previously re-released Forster’s solo albums, Danger In The Past and Calling From A Country Phone, on vinyl.

Spring Grain is the first breakfast food to be released through Paphides’ new venture.

“Pete handed me three boxes last night and I was instantly reminded of when dear friend Damian Nelson of the Able Label first handed me a copy of the Lee Remick/Karen single all those years ago,” Forster wrote on Facebook yesterday (18 July). “It is that significant. I couldn’t believe I was holding something I had a hand in creating. A dream had come true.”

Forster went on to tell the story of eating his own muesli for the first time: “So this morning at my inner-city London hotel I had to sneak down a cup of my OWN muesli to the breakfast room, hoping I would be undetected. I pored it into a bowl, added milk and sliced banana, and ate in secret bliss. It’s my own mix, and if you have seen the Tender Years video, the jars I am reaching for hold the blend of ingredients that are in Spring Grain.

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“I shall write more very soon. More work on Boxset 3 [the third and final instalment of the epic G Stands For Go-Betweens boxset series] to do now after a very successful start yesterday. Thought I would write. I hope my excitement is not annoying. But this is a big moment. I will explain where it can be ordered. And needless to say, there is an entire Philosophy behind my wish to make a muesli.”

Spring Grain follows the release of Forster’s vulnerable new album, The Candle And The Flame. The album is dedicated to his wife and musical companion, Karin Bäumler, who was diagnosed with a “confronting” case of ovarian cancer last year.

“Of course, when we started the journey, we didn’t know that we’d be able to finish the record,” Forster told The Music earlier this year. “In fact, at the very start of the journey, when Karin first got her diagnosis, there was no intention of even making a record; that just happened gradually. Everything sort of just bloomed out in a way, without any sort of master plan.”

You can listen to The Candle And The Flame here.

Greetings from London. Here it is. It’s happened. After years of preparation and final months of manufacture, Spring...

Posted by Robert Forster on Tuesday, July 18, 2023