TISM vs Regurgitator: 90s Legends Ignite Beef

16 June 2022 | 10:07 am | Staff Writer

"What a bunch of pricks these guys turned out to be"


Yesterday's Good Things announcement not only brought the world's best heavy bands together for a massive Aussie festival tour, but also dropped a couple of surprises including the reformation of piss-take kings TISM after nearly two decades. Ron Hitler-Barassi and Humphrey B. Flaubert have been doing the media rounds and reminding the world of the massive hole in the music industry they left. 

Brisbane legends Regurgitator are also gracing the Good Things lineup and were in the firing line of Barassi and Flaubert in a Double J interview yesterday. When the purveyors of 'I Might Be A C*nt, but I'm Not A F*cking C*nt' meet the  genius behind 'Sucked A Lot Of C*ck To Get Where I Am', the sparks were sure to fly. 

"We did tour with Regurgitator extensively and I can say- And this is honest and from the bottom of my heart- we hate them all," said the re-formed TISM frontman. "We don’t want to see them and if they every appear anywhere near our dressing room again we’ll get Juan Wildebeest, our roadie, to show them what’s what."

"What I don’t like about Regurgitator is their strict support for the free market. Their extreme free market views. I know Midnight Oil are working to support the system from within, but we’re only back together because of the Fair Work Commission raising the minimum wage and that is just going to piss Quan off so much. He knows about the problems of the small businessperson and he knows you pay that person an extra fifty cents an hour and he’s aware of how much pressure that puts on."

Regurgitator frontman Quan Yeomans has quickly fired back in a social media post, casting doubt on the credibility of the band's return and even the legitimacy of their identity.

"What a bunch of pricks these guys turned out to be... $4.7 million for a bunch of murmurations? Might as well have booked a flash loan funded NFT because whoever is behind those masks are surely not the same bunch of loose posse scammers we dropped off at the infirmary all those troubled years ago post caveat emptour… still trying to get the merch money from their manager that they lifted on the final show. If this is the real Ron and the rest of those sovereign parochial bitplayers then these numb fungible trolls are gonna crash the entire backed up system when they are wheeled on to the stage. There is good money on this being Denis Handlin and a bunch of label monkeys discarded in the shit paradise of tiktokism."

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THIS IS SERIOUS MONEY… really? What a bunch of pricks these guys turned out to be... $4.7 million for a bunch of...

Posted by Regurgitator on Wednesday, June 15, 2022

TISM also went on to say how excited they were to be back, explaining to Double J's Tim Shiel where they fit in today's music industry. 

"As you can see, we’re ready to come back in a big way. It’s the kind of thing people have been waiting for. Obviously not at the level of Kid Laroi though… We wanted to play with Hockey Dad because we’re their fathers…. We’re the blokes that go to the nightclub slightly too old."

This is the kind of banter Australian music has missed. We anticipate that modern-day bands will now take their lead in saying what they really think of each other. We at TheMusic stand ready to hear Tones & I's opinion on Vance Joy. Come on Aussie music, bring back the theatre. 

In the meantime, we're sitting back, enjoying the show and looking forward to Good Things this December