Winners Of Inertia's Record Store Day Bus Trip Share Their Favourite Stores

20 April 2012 | 10:40 am | Staff Writer

The 15 winners will jump on a bus tomorrow to tour the indie record stores of Sydney.

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The following 15 people have been chosen as winners of Inertia's Record Store Day competition and will tour Sydney's indie record stores tomorrow as a result. 

Here are there winning responces to the question - What is your favourite record store?

Abrye Gene "I'm a sucker for the classics and Red Eye Records was always my spot for albums and books. They never failed to have exactly what I was looking for and never ceased to delight with albums I didn't know I needed. While most of my purchases were transcontinental gifts for Jay Sublett, they always hooked it up with complimentary boxes to ship the goods safely to America. Sad to see the Pitt St store close but glad that my staple York store is still going strong."

Alex Coutts "Red Eye Records is my favourite record store; they have a huge selection of all kinds of music on both CD & vinyl as well as rare collectables, t-shirts and not to mention very knowledgeable staff! They also hosted the ticketing for The Strokes 'secret show' which meant that my friends and I had to camp-out the front of their old King Street store, which turned out to be one of my favourite nights - hanging out with heaps of like-minded Strokes fans and listening to their music all night long. Oh and the fact that we got tickets was pretty great too. Cheers!"

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Amy Angeloudis "Beatdisc records in Parramatta is excellent. It's basically the only record store local to me that actual sells vinyl, brand new and also second hand. It takes a lot of diggin' and siftin' sometimes, but you'll often find something worth the dig (I found a Shangri-Las 45) and the prices are pretty good (it was $3!!), which does make a difference. Also, the guys in there are pretty groovy."

Brendon Yaxley "Although I have many favorite indie music stores, if I were to pick one it would definitely be Missing Link Records in Melbourne. That's where I found my signed copy of Devotion by Beach House."

David James Young "My favourite indie record store is Black Wire Records in Annandale, Sydney, Australia. It's not only a great place to discover a bunch of great, independent music spanning across multiple genres; but it's also a space for DIY performances and gigs. At a time when so many places in Sydney don't even care about stocking vinyl, let alone care about live music, it's great to visit a place like Black Wire with a sense of community and artistic integrity."

Felix Hubble "It'd have to be The Record Store in Darlinghurst. On multiple occasions I've been able to pick up limited run pressings that had been out of stock on all online stores and somehow magically found their way into the Record Store months later. And the staff there are wonderful, helpful and always up for a chat."

Graeme Merrall "Call me a traditionalist but it has to be Red Eye. My first CD's from them came in 1984 and took the form of a bunch of Pixies CD singles. Since then I love wandering in and browsing through the music. When I got back in to buying some vinyl it was Red Eye I went to first. I'll always have a soft spot for them."

James Dempster "My Fav Record store Locally is Egg Records in Newtown. Why? Great service, look and feel of a real independent record store. Not to mention a great catalogue of Vinyl, From Cash to Cat Power. Big ups for Egg Records. On the side, my fav Internationally is Rough Trade East, they have some sweet gigs and great selection of media, the perfect modern music store."

Jason Bradley Quan "Zulu Records - Vancouver, BC, Canada. -frequently hosts free in store performances, -place to get tix to all the sickest gigs coming to town, -sells CDs, LPS, 45s, turntables, -where all the music aficionados have been going for the past 31 years"

Jefferson Chew "My favourite indie music store is Polyester in Melbourne! They have great staff, fantastic mini reviews and recommendations and even live shows by local and international bands. How I miss it. Having recently moved to Sydney this would be an epic way of finding all of the citys best stores on Record Store Day! Make it happen peoples! :)"

Katrina Holcombe "Championship Vinyl (from High Fidelity) cause I wished I worked there and who wouldn't want to be there with Jack Black & John Cusack! :)"

Linda Ellis "Red Eye records in Sydney, they have a wide assortment of vinyl that I could look thru for hours as well as CD's. The musical knowledge of their employees makes it an experience, it's funkier to shop in a basement then street level."

Matthew Turner "I would have to say Abicus Records in Newcastle as it is my local record store and is willing to order in anything that I request and while their selection isn't massive it is very concise to my tastes. I do however try to get down to Newtown as often as possible to trawl through their vast selection"

Simon Skipper "Red Eye Records, Sydney. I always thought it had a really cool vibe to it. Being a metal fan I always liked how they support some of the more obscure bands that I like and the little summery stickers are good too. And the have a fucking cool eye for a logo!"

Tim Bell "My favourite indie music store is UTOPIA RECORDS because they have a massive load of metal cds & vinyls that can be very hard to find or rare. I never need to look elsewhere since other record shops just can't keep up. They will always have them in stock and the customer service goes the extra mile \m/"