US Artist RAC Is Throwing An All-day Online Album Release Party & We're All Invited

8 May 2020 | 1:57 pm | Neil Griffiths

'BOY' is out now!

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To celebrate the release of his brand new album, US artist RAC (André Allen Anjos) is throwing an all-day album release party tomorrow... in self isolation, of course.

Starting from 9AM PST time (2AM AEST on Saturday morning), the Portland, Oregon producer will host celebrations for the record, BOY, which will include giveaways, a full livestream of the album, Q&A's and Zoom interviews. 

"It's a meaningful day and I wanted to do something fun with it," Anjos told The Music.

"Given the new livestreaming approach that I've been taken, it made sense to do something along those lines."

The festivities will be capped off with a mini festival on RAC's YouTube with a bunch of acts, including some who feature on BOY, like Luna Shadows, Phil Good and Goldroom.

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The COVID pandemic has forced musicians to shake up the way they make music and interact with fans and Anjos thinks that the lockdown could change the way he releases music in the future.

"It's interesting to think about the world post-pandemic because I don't think the 'old world' is coming back," he said.

"I don't think live touring will come back in the way that it did before... I think people are gonna start to realise that we can't be completely, solely reliant on it because then we'll completely implode as an industry when something like this happens. 

It just showcases how messed up this industry is... 80% of our income as an industry comes from live performances. I think that's ridiculous. This has sort of forced everyone to change."

Check out BOY below and click here for more details on the album release party.