MCM Media's Out To "Dominate" Music Video

16 April 2012 | 4:10 pm | Scott Fitzsimons

MCM Media are one step closer to dominating digital music video access after the launch of VEVO.

Music video streaming giant VEVO announced its launch into the Australian market this morning, in partnership with MCM Media.

Earlier this year MCM Media also announced a deal to overhaul the digital presence of ARIA, a big part of which was focused on the music video content in Take 40, which MCM handles.

Today MCM's CEO Simon Joyce told's daily newsletter Your Daily SPA that the partnership with VEVO is a "significant" deal for MCM.

“We set out with a mission to really own music video and dominate that space and I think you've got the recipe now, all those sites give you the ingredients to do that," he said. "So we'll be very focused on those four sites. We've got a huge audience now.”

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He also confirmed that there will be an element of cross-pollination of content across their digital fronts. 

“You end up with four sites from MCM Media's digital offering – Take 40, The Hot Hits, VEVO and ARIA – that are all driven by music video, that are all have a very different reason for being, but music video remains at the core of their DNA," Joyce said.

"And it's all about offering as much music access as possible to the digital world. Whether it's online, whether it's on mobile or whether it's on tablet, it's about access and through MCM Media that access has really been super charged with this partnership with VEVO.”

According to Joyce's figures the 41 million streams a month from 5.5 million unique Australia users that VEVO already attracts will boost MCM's numbers to 50 million streams and 6 million users a month.

“We've got real scale," he said, "but most importantly it's scale around premium content, and that's what the market's lacking.”

The website is IP targeted to deliver market-relevant content to Australian users. It's free across the website, mobile and tablet format, delivering a targetted TVC to users every seven minutes.