One Of The Biggest Ever Surveys Of Aussie Music Fans Was Just Undertaken

9 November 2019 | 7:51 am | Staff Writer

Just an easy 10,000 people...

Almost 10,000 Australian music fans have undertaken a groundbreaking new survey from industry heavyweights Secret Sounds.

The touring and promotion company teamed with independent research agency Pollinate for the Love Song project, which is understood to be one of the biggest tracking studies of its kind, to understand the passions, interests and lifestyles of Aussie music fans over the age of 16.

Of the sample, it was found that 86% felt that music was integral to their lifestyle, while the average music lover engages with music for up to five hours a day. 

The Love Song study also concluded that young music fans in particular are agents of change and have "the will to change the world and the influence to do it". 

Here are a few other fun facts from the study:

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  • 51% have 500+ Instagram followers, much more influence than the average 18-34yo Australian with only 17% meeting the 500+ follower mark
  • 67% of music lovers actively seek out new music and love sharing it with people
  • They have significant financial resources, more than the average Australian, with almost a third having at least $10k in savings
  • A lot of their disposable income goes to saving for and spending on experiences, $442 average savings per month for experiences
  • They care about the world, 34% seek their inspiration from activists, only 21% from celebrities

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