Exclusive: Jackson Firebird Ride The Town Bikes

4 June 2012 | 11:31 am | Scott Fitzsimons

The Mildura rock duo will get their Cock out on Friday.

More Jackson Firebird More Jackson Firebird

Mildura's favourite sons (go on, prove us wrong) Jackson Firebird will release their debut album, Cock Rockin'  this Friday through Warner.

The duo have hit all the right, balls-out, high-octane, gut-charging, whiskey-drinking [insert other suplerlative] notes on the album, which is streaming now at theMusic.com.au.

Recently returned from a UK showcase tour, where they were described as leaving "the greatest impression with their two sets of outlaw blues which were high on 70s-heavy riffage, charismatic wisecracks and outrageous use of a washboard - never have we seen hands pound plastic with such ferocity," it was in their hometown they they filmed a short introduction to the stream - dirtbikes and all.

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