Cherry Bar Turn Down Lady Gaga For Jackson Firebird

5 July 2012 | 5:59 pm | Scott Fitzsimons

Mildura blues-rock duo favoured over Lady Gaga's entourage.

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Melbourne venue Cherry Bar turned down the opportunity to have pop superstar Lady Gaga party at their venue last night, because they told her she had to be off the stage by 9pm to make way for Jackson Firebird, a blues-rock duo from Mildura in country Victoria.

The Age report that Gaga's entourage, who ended up partying all night at the Northcote Social Club, approached Cherry Bar first.

Booker and co-owner James Young told the paper, "We honour our existing bookings to local acts. The firebird Cherry wants is Jackson Firebird, not Lady Gaga."

Young said the touring party have "come in night after night, stayed very late and had a ball. So the band approached us about having a tour after-party here."

Wanting the stage for the whole night, "They were polite enough to say 'sorry we're going to go with Northcote Social Club'."

Young admits to thinking, "have I done the most stupid thing in Australian music?... But I'd rather be remembered as the person who wouldn't budge on an existing booking for a local band."

Jackson Firebird recently released their debut album Cock Rockin'. We spoke to them.