Classic Icehouse Albums Re-Issued With DVDs

25 June 2012 | 3:05 pm | Dan Condon

Man Of Colours and Primitive Man celebrate their 25th and 30th anniversaries.


They were one of the biggest Australian bands of the 1980s and, in the past year or so, there seems to have been something of a resurgence in the popularity of synth-driven new wave and post-punk group Icehouse. Lauded for their forward-thinking approach to music in their heyday, the band – led by the only constant member of the band Iva Davies – have been hugely influential to many bands over the years.

Two of the band's classic albums celebrate pretty special anniversaries this year, with their second album Primitive Man celebrating 30 years since its release, while the classic Man Of Colours album turns 25. Both records sold an absolute bucket load of copies upon their release and remain Aussie classics, so it's exciting to hear that they will be re-released next month in special two-disc packages.

Man of Colours will be released with an accompanying DVD featuring historic concert footage of the band including a renowned live performance at the Melbourne Music Show in 1988, while the new Primitive Man will feature footage of the band which toured the Primitive Man and Measure For Measure albums plus interviews and TV performance footage.

As well as this, all of the albums yet to be re-issued will be re-released with limited edition packaging, meaning people will be able to get their hands on new versions of Sidewalk, Measure For Measure, Code Blue, Big Wheel and The Berlin Tapes; an exciting prospect indeed.

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The albums are to be re-issued through Universal on Friday 13 July.