Holly Throsby, Sally Seltmann & Sarah Blasko Confirm Seeker Lover Keeper Reunion

22 February 2016 | 12:36 pm | Staff Writer

"Maybe now we'll go and work on some songs?"

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Acclaimed Australian songstresses Holly ThrosbySally Seltmann and Sarah Blasko, who briefly performed together in 2010-11 as indie supergroup Seeker Lover Keeper, have confirmed plans to reunite the celebrated trio nearly five years after the release of their self-titled debut — and so far only — album.

The good news comes courtesy of Double J, for whom Blasko is presently serving as this month's Artist In Residence; she was joined by Seltmann and Throsby for her third show to celebrate the decade in music that was the 2000s. 

Perhaps sensing the cosmic confluence of having all three members together in the same room, during the program — which highlighted tunes from the first 10 years of the millennium and featured throwback favourites such as Death Cab For Cutie's The New Year and Beck's Lonesome Tears amid work from a ream of other of-the-era icons such as Belle & Sebastian, M Ward, Youth Group, Architecture In Helsinki and others — Blasko dropped the casual inquisition as to whether Seeker Lover Keeper would ever release another full-length. 

Throsby said she thought there would be "a high chance" of a follow-up, while acknowledging that the musos "haven't really talked about it, the three of us all together".

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"What's a better time than now? Publicly, in front of a national audience," Blasko replied.

Seltmann was a little more forceful: "I think we should," she said, which prompted Throsby to clarify, "I'd like to."

"I would too," Blasko affirmed. "That's basically the reason I called you in here. Maybe now we'll go and work on some songs?"

Throsby has since doubled down on the reunion plans, taking to Twitter to get pretty concrete on the prospect.

"Seeker Lover Keeper are gettin back together!" she tweeted after the show; Seltmann retweeted the statement soon after.

Despite the ebullience about the news, there's little in the way of concrete details for the reunion; best to keep an eye on the three-piece's Facebook page for signs of renewed activity in the next little while to ensure you don't miss the news when we find out more about this eagerly awaited revival.

You can listen back to Blasko's Artist In Residence: 2000s program here.