Finalists For 2015 Theatresports Cranston Cup Grand Final

17 November 2015 | 5:07 pm | Staff Writer

Six Teams, One Ugly Trophy

In the 30th year of Theatresports in Australia comes the final six of 30 teams for the 2015 Cranston Cup Grandfinal.

Battling it out at the Enmore Theatre on Saturday 28 November are Ridgey-Didge, Morpheme Addiction, The Old Spice Girls, Simple Simon & the PaddyKates, Sesame Streetwise and Sure... Whatever... I Don't Care... Shut Up Already!

After 30 years of golden comedy, Theatresports is going 'Back To The Future' for the grand finals, with the six teams ranging from veterans to the young and inexperienced - everything depends on inspired wit, teamwork and sheer, bare-faced comic brilliance.


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