FEATURE: Top 5 albums of 2015 - Vices

24 November 2015 | 10:42 am | Staff Writer
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Invasion Fest artist Vices provide their 'Top 5 albums of 2015'.

Melbourne’s Invasion Fest is fast approaching. Stretched across two stages at Arrow On Swanston, the event sees 17 of our best homegrown talent perform this December.

In the lead-up, Killyourstereo.com will run a daily series with the respective bands on the bill, as each offer their ‘Top 5 albums of 2015′. We continue with Vices.


As a band, we’re all very different in our own musical preferences. While these albums may not have made each of our individual top 5, they are 5 albums we can all agree have made a huge impact on our year.

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In no particular order:

Reactions – Soul Witness

The freshest, toughest and most creative hardcore record that has been released in a very long time. Reactions captured our hearts a number of years ago with their 7” released through Arrest Records. This album, however, crushes all forms the band previously were and all hardcore that is to come from Adelaide. Adelaide should quit because Reactions have got it down.

Miles Away – Tide

Tide is easily the most melodic MA record to date but doesn’t skip out on the classic fast paced riffs that we all know and love. Focusing on really heart felt lyrics paired with soaring, clean vocal melodies this is 100% a super easy listen that has managed to keep us all captivated since its release.

Counterparts – Tragedy Will Find Us

Counterparts released a new album.

Ocean Grove – Black Label

P.O.D are sick so any band that resembles the sounds of Southtown know how to please. We’ve watched these guys really mature and find their element in this upcoming breed of nu-metal bands. Catching Ocean Grove on tour with Northlane really helped cement how important it is that they only play huge venues for the rest of their career. Their live production matches their flawless EP and has brought a number of us out of pit retirement, as lame as that is.

Relentless – Price Of Pain

This is probably the straightest release Relentless have put out but also the hardest. It’s definitely not as technical as previous albums have been but the simplicity makes it so much more appealing. In a scene oversaturated with complex riffs and bands trying to be way more technical and heavy than necessary, Relentless really stripped it back and showed a really mature side. Price of Pain is hard as nails and we all back it.

Catch Vices performing at Invasion Fest, which takes place in Melbourne this December. You can purchase tickets via Oztix.

Join the official Facebook event here.