Fans Slam Poor Sound At Tame Impala's Sydney Opera House Gig Last Night

11 November 2015 | 10:28 am | Neil Griffiths

It would have been great, if you could hear it.

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Controversy has surrounded Aussie band Tame Impala's show in Sydney last night, after a number of fans slammed the sound quality of the performance, with many suggesting the volume was so low that they could have personal conversations mid-show. 

Punters who were at the show took to Twitter during the performance to demand the Sydney Opera House turn the sound up. 

"'ll need to turn up the volume if you don't want anyone to be angry," one fan wrote to the venue's Twitter handle, adding shortly after, "and headphones are available at JB Hi Fi if you want to hear anything #turnitup."

Meanwhile, Sydney indie band Sticky Fingers were also in attendance and took to their Facebook shortly after to give their verdict on the show. 

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"Shout outs to tame impala for playing some of the best music on the planet right now," the online post read.

"But shame on Sydney for making it so quiet we might as well gone and spooned our grandmothers graves on the other side of the planet, silently jerking off, cuddling our teddy bears. Would have been louder."

Similarly, theMusic's own reviewer Hattie O'Donnell was amidst the crowd at the Forecourt and while she commended the Perth group's performance, she too was just as disappointed with the volume. 

"...the quality of the selection of tracks in the set was not in dispute. However, the volume was," O'Donnell wrote. 

"The whole point of psychedelic rock is to get lost in the sound, but instead of swimming in it people were able to have full conversations with the person next to them.The best thing about Tame Impala is letting the waves of sound wash over you: getting lost in the layers of synth, guitars, bass and those catchy drums. Rather than this happening organically, Tuesday night was more about concentrating on enjoying the music, which was kind of counterintuitive. Nobody let go completely because the music was too quiet for that."

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The Music has reached out to Tame Impala's management and the Sydney Opera House for comment.