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Corey Taylor Wouldn't 'Go Up Against' Guns N' Roses Reunion

25 September 2015 | 12:54 pm | Staff Writer

The Slipknot frontman does have a weakness after all.

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Rock fans across the world are eagerly waiting to see if the Guns N' Roses reunion tour rumoured to take place next year will come to fruition and it seems Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor is that big of a Gunners fan that he would give up performing live if it actually happens. 

In an interview with the Las Vegas Review Journal, the rock singer said he will believe the reunion is going ahead, "when I buy the ticket".

"I mean, dude, I would retire from touring, because I wouldn't want to go up against that," Taylor said. 

"And then I would follow them like I was a Deadhead. Like I would just go to every show."

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Taylor expressed his excitement over the idea of the band reuniting, though said he would only attend the concerts if it was the original line-up, who all featured on their 1987 debut album, Appetite For Destruction.

"...Only if it’s the Appetite lineup — or even if it’s those guys with Matt Sorum...because I know that Steven [Adler]  has some physical issues, but he can still play, man. I've seen him play. He can still jam, dude. That dude knows how to pound."

Meanwhile, the Gunners line-up have been remained tight-lipped on a reunion, though it is rumoured that discussions are well underway.