Christina Aguilera Encourages Sex Positivity In Revealing Lubricant Launch Interview

6 April 2023 | 9:27 am | Mary Varvaris

Christina Aguilera still knows What A Girl Wants.

(Christina Aguilera via Facebook)

Christina Aguilera is the co-founder and chief brand advisor for the sexual wellness brand, Playground, a new “women-owned brand that’s committed to making sexual wellness products more accessible and FUN,” the singer announced on Instagram last week.

From Genie In A Bottle to Beautiful, Aguilera now proves that there is nothing Dirrrty about female empowerment and sexual wellness. 

Playground presently sells the musk-scented After Hours lubricant, which users can order discreetly to their homes.

The website also states that their “full-sensory” products are aimed at “all five senses and multiple erogenous zones — enhancing your mood, mind and libido. Intentionally designed for a woman’s unique needs and desires, our proprietary formulas contain innovative biotech formulations and chemistry-enhancing ingredients.”

Currently on the press cycle for Playground, Aguilera appeared on Alex Cooper’s Call Her Daddy podcast and talked about What A Girl Wants. 

“It’s so funny that I gave this persona because I probably was the last person to lose my virginity,” she admitted in the far-reaching interview, despite the explicit nature of some of her earlier songs and music videos.

Aguilera later opened up about the media’s misrepresentations and misconceptions about her 2002 Stripped album, one of her favourite eras since she began making music. “I was like, ‘I have to do songs that mean something to me and are valid to who I am and being fearless and talking about anything,’” she said. 

“And that includes sexuality! I felt that there was a lot of shame and fear around the subject … so I just wanted to be who I was and make a safe space for everyone to feel good — and make it a conversation.”

After talking about her favourite sex positions and the wildest places she’s done it, the singer added the importance of “defending or celebrating or opening conversations and doors for women to feel safe enough to talk about their sexuality and what that means for them” is what drives Playground. 

“Everybody is so different, and there is no shame in the game.”

You can listen to the full podcast episode here.