Canberra Suburb To Name Streets After Bon Scott & Other Aus Music Icons

4 January 2016 | 2:48 pm | Staff Writer

Want to live in Bon Scott Crescent?

Ever wanted to live in a street named after a member of AC/DC? Well if you live in Canberra you're in luck because the ACT Government have today announced that streets in the suburb of Moncrieff will be named in honour of Australia's music history, including iconic names such as the late frontman Bon Scott and popular '60s musical variety show, Bandstand.

According to ABC, the decision follows one of the state's oldest policies established in 1927 in that street names in Canberra should all follow a theme.

Given that the suburb was named after Gladys Lillian Moncrieff who performed as an entertainer for Australian troops during World War Two, it's no surprise that its streets will honour some of the country's biggest names.

"One of Moncrieff's streets is named after Canberra's own music critic W L Hoffman," Roads Minister Mick Gentleman said.

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"While Bandstand Street is named after the popular television show that launched Col Joye, Little Pattie, The Bee Gees and Olivia Newton-John."

Gentleman also confirmed that each street will be given the full title of each figure it is named after.

"It's the full name, recognising the impute of those entertainers across Australia, and of course the fantastic memories from the early music in Australia," he said. 

Other names confirmed to be used include indigenous artists Jimmy Little, Harold Blair, Ruby Hunter and didgeridoo player Alan Dargin.