Canberra Punk Identity's Accused Killer Acquitted Of Murder

11 December 2015 | 4:52 pm | Staff Writer

Shocking outcome.

The accused killer of Canberra punk identity Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber, aka the 'Ginger Ninja', has been acquitted of murder in ACT Supreme Court.

As Canberra Times reports, while defendant Christopher Navin was acquitted of murder, a jury has found him guilty of manslaughter for the killing which occurred on Boxing Day in 2013, in which Navin allegedly stabbed his house mate 73 times.

Jurors were given the options to find Navin guilty of murder, guilty of manslaughter due to diminished responsibility, or not guilty by way of mental impairment, to which the defence argued the latter. 

The defence also argued that Navin had been suffering from mental psychosis at the time of the murder.

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Navin claimed to have killed Sofer-Schreiber due to the belief that the punk-rock fan had been involved in his grandfather's death and had also hired a hitman to murder more members of his family. 

Navin was initially arrested on 14 February last year, before the trial commenced just last month. 

Defence lawyer Peter Woodhouse considered the verdict a "very good result."

"It has been patently obvious from the outset he was mentally unwell and, whilst the circumstances of the matter were tragic, Mr Navin's illness means he should not be held to account for murder," Woodhouse said.

Navin will be sentenced for the manslaughter charge in 2016. 

Meanwhile Sydney-based punk event Gingerfest, created in honour of Sofer-Schreiber's death last year, will return for its second outing at The Factory Theatre on 19 December. 

Confirmed on this year's bill include Gay Paris, The Porkers, The Stiffys & more. Click here for the full line-up and for tickets, head to the festival website