Briggs’ Skit ‘Far Enough’ Goes Viral Ahead Of Voice Referendum

9 October 2023 | 3:14 pm | Ellie Robinson

The A.B. Original rapper teamed up with comedy duo Freudian Nip to produce the skit arguing in favour of the Yes vote.

Briggs in the 'Fair Enough' skit

Briggs in the 'Fair Enough' skit (YouTube)

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Briggs has teamed up with comedy duo Freudian Nip to create a skit arguing in favour of the ‘Yes’ vote for the upcoming Indigenous Voice To Parliament referendum – and in just a matter of days, it’s racked up more than four million views.

Released online last Wednesday (October 4), the skit – titled Far Enough – shows Briggs and Freudian Nip (Jenna Owen and Victoria Zerbst) sitting down at a pub to discuss whether to vote ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in the Voice referendum (which is being held this Saturday, October 14). Owen and Zerbst awkwardly concede that they don’t actually know what the Indigenous Voice To Parliament is or means, but have heard arguments for why they should vote ‘No’ (including the untrue statement that most Indigenous Australians don’t actually want the Voice to be enacted in the Constitution).

In response, Briggs clarifies that some 80 percent of First Nations peoples have expressed support for the Voice, and shows them information that explains the referendum “means we are voting to have a body called the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice, who may make representations to Parliament and the executive government of the Commonwealth on matters relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples”.

The explanation continues: “The Voice will give independent advice to the Parliament and the government, and will be chosen by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people based on the wishes of local communities. That advice then goes to Parliament, who continues to hold the ultimate power for legislative change.”

Have a look at the skit below:

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The skit itself vent viral over the weekend. It’s been viewed most on the Meta platforms Facebook and Instagram, where between them, it’s racked up around four million plays; additionally, at the time of writing, it has just under 254,000 views on YouTube. As the ABC points out, this means the skit has been seen a significant amount more than the Prime Minister’s own post about the Voice.

Among the famous figures sharing the skit include Thor director Taika Waititi, Stranger Things star Darcey Montgomery, and Aquaman actor Jason Momoa.

Speaking to the ABC, Owen noted that she and Zerbst felt “antsy” about inserting themselves into the public conversation around the Voice, but found it necessary particularly given that First Nations communities have to deal with it much more frequently. “It's exhausting for First Nations people to have to answer everyone's questions being flung at them,” she said, “and some of them may be reasonable, and a lot of them are unreasonable, and a lot of them vitriolic.

“I think we all brought very different things to this sketch and I think that's what made it work – [what] we were all interested in was making something that spoke to everyone.”

As for the skit’s success, Briggs added: “I reckon this is how people are talking in the pubs and in the lounge rooms – these are the kind of discussions that people are having. Maybe they're not getting enough prompt to pick up the phone and just do a quick search.”

Also weighing in was Liana Rossi, an “influence and culture expert” at Ogilvy PR, who says the skit’s popularity is owed in part because of its key demographic (being people under 40), who are “cognisant to not centre themselves in a narrative”. She said: “Through the casting, the well-intentioned missteps in conversation and the laborious over-awareness, we're left with a painstakingly simple solution – to Google it.”

Meanwhile, last week also saw A.B. Original – the duo of Briggs and producer Trials – team up with DJ Total Eclipse and Marlon to drop the single YES in support of the Voice. Speaking of the song in a press statement, Briggs said of the group’s intention with it: “It’s important that we continue to work towards better outcomes for Blackfullas. With this referendum, we stand to make a gain towards those better outcomes.

“We won’t see the big effects of a YES vote the next day, but we’re going to see it five years down the track. The alternative to voting Yes just reinforces racism and puts us in a worse position than where we are now. It feels like the alternate to YES is extremely detrimental.

“I was inspired by Paul Kelly to put out his track. We can’t let PK be the only fella doing it. We’re A.B. Original. We’re the most important hip-hop outfit in the country when it comes to this. If we’re not leading the way on this stuff, who is? If we’re not standing up and setting the standard, who is? This is what we are supposed to do as hip-hop artists. If we didn’t do this, there’s a big piece missing. Hip-hop is all about voice and all about community rallying together. This is what Hip-hop is for. This is exactly what we’re meant to be doing.”