Call Off Kissing Booth Plans

11 May 2012 | 4:18 pm | SPA Confidential staffers were struck down with "health scares" the day they were due to hold a charity Kissing Booth.

In what the website is calling one of the "hardest decisions of its professional career", staff at have decided to pull out of a planned Kissing Booth charity event. They had planned to set-up the booth outside their Sydney office this morning and charge $50 for a smooch or $150 for a 'quick rumble' behind the church.

A successful viral social media campaign of 'Let us make out with your Mum and/or Dad' had attracted a total of seven YouTube views, no Facebook likes and a sole tweet when they pulled the plug.

Today a spokesperson for the website blamed a tough economic climate and an unstable Eurozone for the cancellation. "We had really hoped to raise a lot of money for the Keep Kyle Sandilands Off Radio Forever Mother's Day charity appeal," they said.

Also in the list of excuses was a number of "heath scares" for staff. "We were relying on a number of people who just couldn't come through for us," the spokesperson said.

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"Our business card intern pulled a finger while reaching for the salt shaker last night, so we had no one to set-up the booth. Then there was the email spam-folder assistant, they got distracted by half-price underwear on the way to work this morning and missed the bus, causing major emotional distress."

But the website's staff health-woes didn't finish there.

"One of our computer screen cleaners took more than the recommended amount of Strepsils per hour and our industry editor is crying in the corner because he had to drink low-carb beer last night. I mean, that shit's just fucking awful. All of these staff members, who were the core of our kissing booth team, have been sent to hospital today."

The website had organised for a special guest to appear at the booth, but it was been revealed that the guest - none other than Tom Brabham, who helms the popular 3am Tuesday morning radio show 'Request A Sound Effect' - has also suffered a "health scare".

"Tom just hired some strippers last night and took too many drugs," the spokesperson confirmed. "Fuck that guy."