Call Out For Music Industry 'Positions'

8 June 2012 | 4:06 pm | SPA Confidential

SPA Confidential has needs. Can you fill the position?

SPA Confidential is today issuing a call-out for males and females aged 18-60 to fill some very specific 'positions' in theMusic industry.

The position is based in a newly-built section of SPA Confidential's offices, but the exact location of the work will vary. Applications should be aware that sometimes they will be required to perform indoors as well as outdoors and sitting down as well as standing.

While there will be on-the-job training and instructional sessions - including a hands-on, interactive, team-building workshop - successful applications will possess a few key skills. They must be quick with their hands and be able to multi-task efficiently, as jobs will be thrown at them with little notice.

To perform well in this position you must have enough stamina to carry out assigned duties during long, hard sessions. Having said that, they will also have to be agile and supple enough to react to a constantly changing environment.

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SPA Confidential is a team environment and successful applicants will need to work with, in and around tight-night groups of colleagues.

Be advised that SPA Confidential enjoys Theme-Dress Fridays, where all staff are required to dress in a particular theme for morale and presentation purposes. These can vary from 'cartoon characters' to 'night out on the town clubbing' or 'school uniform'.

The pay structure is directly linked to performance. There are verygenerous bonus payments available to those who excel.

To apply, please send a CV - and a five minute video of yourself explaining what you'd like to achieve in the music industry - to

Good luck we hope that we'll be watching you perform in the music industry soon!