'This Isn't Art! This Is Not Art!'

21 March 2016 | 2:32 pm | Bryget Chrisfield

"We had an older drunk guy who maybe thought he was at an art gallery?"

How could you resist "an improvised comedy show from Auckland starring a bunch of New Zealand's absolute best comedians" (as described by one such funny man, Nic Sampson)?

Formed "mainly to have fun", Sampson explains, "Each night we get an awesome guest comedian from the festival to improvise a monologue on a topic, then we use that monologue to make up a bunch of scenes from inside our brains! It's smart and dumb and very funny." On when he realised comedy was his calling, Sampson offers, "When literally everything I said made people double over with laughter."

Snort is completely unscripted and when asked what he hopes audience members can take away from the show (besides LOLs), Sampson replies. "We hope they get to smooch one of the cast afterwards. I mean, good luck, the cast are VERY picky. But give it a go!" Sampson stresses one should not come to Snort "expecting it to be an art gallery", before sharing a unique heckling incident: "At one of our shows in Auckland this year we had an older drunk guy who maybe thought he was at an art gallery? I only think that because he kept yelling out 'This isn't art! This is not art!' until he was dragged out by the bar staff. Apart from the art thing he seemed to be having a good time though."

If you happen to find yourself backstage after Snort's show, you may wish to open the green room door and witness the comedy crew, since Sampson reveals, "To unwind we all call our mums and tell them about the show in detail and they tell us, 'We are so proud,' and we're all like, 'Muuuuu-um!' and they're like, "No, really," and then we hang up our phones and then we make guns with our fingers and mime-shoot the air, then pretend to blow smoke from the tips of our fingers." So what does Sampson truly love about Melbourne International Comedy Festival season? "Being confused by Australian coins!"

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