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SINGLE PREMIERE: Benjamino - 'Golden Age'

15 June 2021 | 12:33 pm | Joe Dolan

SINGLE PREMIERE: Benjmino - 'Golden Age'

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New South Wales' indie-pop performer Benjamino has shared his latest single today, premiering exclusively with The Music

Golden Age is a chilled-out, sax-heavy jam that Benjamino (AKA Ben Cauduro) conceived during a rather unusual day of surfing the web.

"I wrote Golden Age after getting caught in a Wikipedia hole and somehow stumbled across a page about 'The Big Three' of men's tennis," he said. 

"I read a line saying, 'otherwise known as the third golden age of tennis' and immediately felt really sad at the realisation that after they're gone men's tennis just won't be as good. 

"I wanted to write the song from the perspective of someone who was getting caught up in the good times, and would only very momentarily worry about what will happen in the future, because that's probably the best way to live right?"

Check out Benjamino's new track right now above and find out more via the buttons below.

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