Mallrat, Kid Pharaoh, CODY JON, & More: This Week's Best New Music

9 December 2022 | 1:01 pm | Emma Whines

Each week we track down the best new music and curate it into our 'Hit List' playlist for all our readers to enjoy. Today, we've selected our top picks of the week to celebrate the songs that stood out in the crowd.

More Mallrat More Mallrat

Listeners have been given a major gift for the end of the year, with Brisbane pop-princess Mallrat delivering a sweet collaboration with heavyweights The Chainsmokers. Wish On An Eyelash Pt.2 is a take on her previously released 53-second song Wish On An Eyelash. With The Chainsmokers on board, Pt. 2 is a fully-fledged song and sees both artists tackle new verses and add new elements. It's a beautiful version that allows fans to unearth new meaning from the song. It's also a left-of-centre swing for The Chainsmokers, who have put a cap on their usual larger-than-life synths and pop beats that fans might recognise in songs like Closer and Don't Let Me Down.  

CODY JON is the new kid on the block, but his songs have won their way into the hearts of many pop-lovers across Australia. His newest song, STAGEFRIGHT, is one of his most personal releases yet, using a metaphor to convey how we need to push past uncomfortable situations to get out of our comfort zones. It's a slow 2000s pop song about the feeling of a relationship falling apart. Jon's sweet vocals are the highlight as the slow rhythmic guitar propels the song. A true throwback with modern elements.

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Wollongong rapper Kid Pharaoh reclaims his history and avenges his people on new song British Museuma twisted fantasy of sweet revenge, striking back against his country’s colonisers. It's a fast-paced ode that really taps into the heavy emotions of his ancestors while also bringing a feeling of excitement with the beats underneath the lyrics. The song feels like King Pharaoh is hyping us up for war, and we are ready to join his cause.

Adam Newling has brought us a new rock/American gem this week with Balmy. A little more up-tempo and animated than his usual tunes, Balmy was written after a day in the studio with Ruby Fields. It speaks of "a warm still night, a perfect moment in time," and offers up a raw feeling of inspiration and nostalgia. The track is a reminder that the good times don't always last, so it's important to savour the small moments. Newlings husky vocals are such a delight on this track and really dominate and carry the nostalgia. 

Aussie faves DMA'S have released their new track Olympia off their forthcoming album How Many Dreams? and audiences are in for a treat. With fast electric riffs and an uptempo beat, this is the perfect song for the summer. DMA's continue to deliver hits in their signature style, and Olympia is at the top of the pile. Festival-goers will have the best time dancing to this one in the crowd and will be overcome with the feeling that summer will never end. If their upcoming album is anything like Olympia, then it will be their best yet. 

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