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Live Review: You Am I, Fraser A Gorman

5 October 2015 | 2:32 pm | Bryget Chrisfield

It's definitely not a 'best of' set.

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Rock returns to The Croc tonight and for those of us who have never before ventured inside these walls (nope, not even for an over-28s night), it's all very exciting.

But whatever you do, don't get lost and wind up in the pokies section. The VIP/front bar incorporates a large, airy smoking section that's right on High Street, which means you don't even have to exit the venue if you fancy a durry.

Gorman really is Dylan for the new breed.

As Fraser A Gorman takes the bandroom stage, accompanied by two fellow musos, the wide expanse of wall behind them makes us feel like we're watching a movie in CinemaScope. Gorman's rocking his usual smart attire of long-sleeved, polka dot shirt and trousers, and his banter reflects a dry wit. Gorman really is Dylan for the new breed and his slacker style is effortlessly endearing.

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It's a well-attended re-opening night for this venue and the crowd stands motionless, gawking at You Am I. It's definitely reverence, but also shades of unfamiliarity as several new songs (from You Am I's yet-to-be-released tenth album, Porridge And Hotsauce) find their way onto this evening's setlist. The band still sounds unreal: Davey Lane and Andy Kent trading energetic, punchy riffs and drummer Rusty Hopkinson smashing the rambunctious backbones. While grabbing refreshments at the bar, a dude leans over to complain that debonair frontman Tim Rogers — who sports a smart dinner jacket with satin lapels and jazzy scarf — is singing too close to the microphone, which he reckons has a negative impact on the overall sound. Old mate then adds this wasn't the case with either of tonight's two supporting acts and wanders off, shaking his head. Did Rogers just call someone a "cuckolded cunt"? He's definitely in a mood, which permeates the vibe in the audience. Mr Milk sees a couple of neighbours in the crowd shout lyrics in each other's faces while facing off with alternating histrionic poses, but such moments of revelry are fewer than expected and the majority of audience members stare at the stage, only exercising the one elbow. It's definitely not a 'best of' set.

Rogers is definitely in a mood.

There's some famous faces in the crowd including multiple Drones (we would've loved to know what they were cracking up over at the tail end of You Am I's set), Courtney Barnett and Jen Cloher. By this stage we're feeling desperate to hear Berlin Chair, which (thankfully) You Am I deliver during the encore: "I'll give ALL MY aches to YOO-U!" Rogers throws both hands in the air and the band skulks off.

And let's not forget about that amazing car park across the road from The Croc, behind the drive-thru bottle-o, which is just perfect for when you need to leave your vehicle overnight for collection the following day (or even the day after that).