Album Review: We Rise The Tides - 'Death Walk'

24 March 2014 | 9:52 pm | Alex Sievers
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Not bad...but not that good either.

We Rise The Tides sound A LOT like Perth-based metal outfit, Make Them Suffer. The symphonic, string-laden intro songs, the keys underpinning most verses and choruses, the screams, song structures etc - it's all very, very similar. The only part of this release that doesn't share these extremely close similarities with our home grown heroes are the clean vocals.


The clean vocals never feel too over-mixed or layered, which is a good thing as we all know how that can really throw a gear in the never ending metalcore mosh machine. The cleans come up on each track, taking charge of lead vocal duties in the chorus - similar to what bands like The Amity Affliction employ. The screams however, alternate between mid-range growls and intensely layered highs, all of which seem a bit inhuman...nevertheless, they do work with the rest of the arrangements and get the job done.


'Death Walk' starts out well with the short introduction of 'Mortification', which gets things going with its symphonic instrumentation and lengthy crescendo, adding synth and guitars as it goes on before the band comes in all at once for the four minute slog of 'Five Months'. It's a heavy first impression, it's generic obviously, but it's just enough to get by and retain your attention enough to attentively listen.


'Creator' follows in the exact same fashion as the preceding song, but it's so filler you'll be skipping it instantly. Also, when bands thrown in lines like 'move' or in this case, 'bounce', right before a huge, bouncy breakdown slogs you in the face with a chug-heavy haymaker, it's an undoubtedly cool but a generic idea nowadays. This comes up on 'Creator' and it'll most likely be the only thing that you'll remember from the track. This kind of thing has been happening for the past two years, probably becoming most popular since In Hearts Wake used it in 'Survival (The Chariot)'. Curse those young devilish hippies.


'Pins and Needles' is the big "single" sounding song on the album, and you should expect a lyric video or full music video to come out for this one. It's still somewhat heavy, but just lacks any real impact once the low-end heavy intro moves off into the verses and chorus.


The breaking glass sound effect from 2011 is back in 'For The Worst'. This heavy, and rather boring mosh-fest song has only one shining moment. This comes in the briskly paced and oddly phrased highs that rip out in the middle of the song. These seemingly come out of nowhere and they really help to inject this song with life. If only for a little bit. A good comparison to how intense this is to look at CJ (from Thy Art Is Murder) appearance on an old Resist The Thoughts' song called 'Resurrect the Reaper'.


'Worthless' - which is how'd you describe this song easily - features a few blast beats and a fuck ton of breakdowns, both of which are coupled with an ever changing vocal tone. By the end of this release, or probably most likely even before 'Worthless', your attention span will have utterly died in the arse.

We Rise The Tides have put out a very safe and only half-decent release here. 'Death Walk' is one of those average albums that crosses between modern metalcore and deathcore, so you'll see a bit of key/synth sections, lots of alternating dual vocals, low-tuned chuggs, and plenty of the genres mixing and performance clichés. Ergo, you won't be surprised or impressed much here unfortunately.

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Five Months


Flesh And Blood

Pins & Needles

For The Worst