Live Review: The Tea Party, John Meyer's Unfinished Business

2 August 2012 | 9:23 am | Mac McNaughton

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Whilst at one end of the city punters flocked to have a smashing evening, another equally inky sea of black flowed to Metro City for a reunion many thought would never come. It was either a great night for Perth rock fans or horrible for those forced to choose between this show and The Smashing Pumpkins.

The duo of John Meyer's Unfinished Business fought a shivering crowd with a stripped-back set of blues poached from the sticky-floored confines of your local pub. A cover of Long Train Running piqued interest from the talkative crowd who found it hard to hide impatience for the headliners but there were many who connected with their earnest simplicity.

The Tea Party took to the stage, front-shaman (and proud Australian citizen) Jeff Martin conjuring a damn sexy version of The River, thrusting into The Bazaar and the sole representative from their last two albums, Lullaby. Clearly, hatchets were buried and the majick was back, channeling the intoxicating highs of their early career (especially the Edges Of Twilight and Triptych albums) and avoiding late career bad ju-ju. Whilst most eyes inevitably gravitated to the enigmatic frontman, Stuart Chatwood (maintaining the presence of an intently-focused Stephen Merchant) beavered away on everything from bass and mandolin to hurdy-gurdy making many music nerds moist with his technical versatility while, behind, Jeff Barrows furiously drummed himself into a blur. Plenty of balance was given between the mystical, Eastern and the more rock'n'roll numbers. With plenty of stories, a promise of the band being back for a new album next year and the comforting feeling that the alchemy was right once again, this was the triumphant reunion their fans had hoped for. So the question remains of the two big acts performing that night: Whose fans left the most satisfied?