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Live Review: The Jungle Giants, The Lulu Raes, Gideon Bensen, Machine Age

20 June 2016 | 1:43 pm | Lucy Regter

"A screaming all ages crowd immediately broke into dance as the band opened."

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Machine Age opened the night to a modest crowd with a collection of sophisticated and well crafted tunes. The man behind the project, Adrian Mauro, has backed up his first release, Chivalry (2015) with an equally refined and powerful single Don't Look (2016), putting Machine Age comfortably in the 'to watch' list.

Following was the former guitarist/vocalist of The Preatures, Gideon Bensen. Bensen showcased his first solo release, Cold Cold Heart EP (2016), with the help of two other band members. With heavy effects on vocals and deep synths, Bensen took us on a curious, ethereal adventure, with an undertone of '80s pop always present.

Shifting to a more rock'n'roll vibe were the final support for the night, The Lulu Raes. This Sydney four-piece have already made a name for themselves with their recent single Burnout (2015) gaining rotation on triple j and sounding just as good live. The upbeat, sunny melodies had fans singing along and others repeatedly saying to friends, "Oh, THIS song!"

It's no question that after a massive year in 2015, The Jungle Giants have made themselves a household name, especially after releasing their second studio album Speakerzoid (2015). A screaming all ages crowd immediately broke into dance as the band opened with an album standout, Lemon Myrtle. The whole room gushed as the familiar indie-pop melodies that create The Jungle Giant's distinctive sound radiated through us.

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A brilliant skill that The Jungle Giants have mastered is how to write a genuinely happy song. Artists like Ball Park Music have a similar mastery in creating bubbling guitars and sunny vocals that are hard not to feel good about. Translate these songs into a live setting and you have a bunch of gleefully unaware, grinning, dancing fans. New tracks like Kooky Eyes and Creep Cool gave us a taste of how the band have refined their sound and executed quirky beats and layered harmonies with a neat finish. Basically, the set from start to finish was one big dance party with a soundtrack that makes you want to grab your friends and go on a road trip to nowhere.

We heard throwbacks to 2013 with classics She's A Riot and closing track I Am What You Want Me To Be, as frontman Sam Hales beckoned the crowd to crouch on the floor and explode up at the chorus. With a roaring applause, the band made a quick return to stage for an encore with a very big You've Got Something, leaving fans wide-eyed in adoration.