Live Review: The Internet

30 July 2016 | 11:01 am | Samantha Jonscher

"Bennett’s stagecraft is coming along."

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Hot off a well-received appearance at Splendour In The Grass, indie R&B soon-to-be-superstars The Internet headlined a packed-out night at Metro Theatre. Led by Syd Tha Kyd (aka Sydney Bennett)’s sweet, buoyant vocals, floating above the band’s hazy, chilled-out funk, the crowd bring relaxed shoulders and loose hips.

In a signature loose-fitting T-shirt (tonight it's Bob Marley), Bennett’s stagecraft is coming along. Since Laneway Festival in February, she has relaxed into her role fronting the band; she is comfortable, in control and at ease with the music. In musical interludes that excuse her, Bennett doesn't look quite as comfortable as the crowd seem to feel while they bob along to this weed-soaked, hip-swaying funk. But with her voice to give her purpose, Bennett is effortlessly confident. She appears more comfortable commanding the slow-burning melodies on tracks like recent break out hit Girl (for which the crowd fills in the chorus). 

For Just Sayin/I Tried she paces back and forth with squared shoulders that bring out the attitude in her dexterous, full-bodied soprano. Her vocals deliver — time and time again — a light, deep body that rings crystal-clear with heartache, self-assured philosophising and dry derision. When she turns to rap she brings this with her: her verse exudes a light-shouldered 'that's the way it is' kind of indifference. 

The show never reaches true heights, but the band maintain the fun, chilled, sexy, loose hips, chin nods and raising, grooving arms that they hope to. In the end, we're pretty chuffed and so is Bennett.

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"My name is Syd like Sydney," Bennett tells the crowd before rounding out their set. "I don't think I was named after this city, but I love this city."