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Live Review: The Brow Horn Orchestra, Set Sail, Bass Reflex, Ndorse

18 July 2012 | 12:31 pm | Shilpa Sringar

A few kids were scattered around the exterior of the new all ages venue The Chamber, yet there was not the usual hype and hysteria surrounding one of Brow Horn's shows. Only a pint-sized gathering of eclectic youth scuttling through the doors of the venue where for a measly $10 they were to experience an intimate all-ages gig with one of Perth's most well-established (and fun!) bands. To start the party, Brow's very own NDORSE kicked off a few beats before Sydney band Set Sail stepped up, their catchy tunes receiving attention from a few buzzed teenagers. For the handful of kids who were brave enough to dance up a storm, Set Sail's free spirited indie-pop and authentic feel good vibe proved to be a favourite. The only disappointing part was to see such a small turn out for a trio of genuinely talented, fun guys who by no means have a small fan base. Bass Reflex soon graced the stage and the young duo showcased their impressive-beyond-their age dub remixes to a few ravers. To finish the afternoon on an incredible high, The Brow Horn Orchestra took to the stage and it was a wonder that even after their excessive Australia-wide touring for their new Two fires EP, the party makers were still better than ever. The few that remained on the dancefloor found it hard not to dance to their contagious energetic, original tunes. The band started off with some older songs like Sing Forever and Every Single Day, which had fans singing along, and then new material was introduced like the ever-so-dance-worthy Family and Scary Sounds. Best of all, their stage presence was astounding given the sparse venue, and Callum the three-legged camel still managed a good crowd surf. The band finished off exhilaratingly with Two Fires and made sure that the afternoon was one to remember. In a city with so much original talent, The Brow Horn Orchestra still manages to stand out – it was only a shame that there weren't more kids to witness the talent that lives right next door, and hopefully word starts to spread of this awesome newly revamped (previously known as The Vault) all ages venue.