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Live Review: Sarah Blasko

12 June 2018 | 6:00 pm | Naomi Keyte

"She was almost trance-like in her performance and seemed driven to deliver her message with as much impact as humanly possible."

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"Grant me this indulgence," asked Sarah Blasko before performing Depth Of Field from start to finish. It was a smart move, as this particular collection of songs is a cohesive, powerful and truly brave offering from this fine, seasoned musician.

Blasko performed in front of a packed room at The Gov. Her latest album Depth Of Field is a ten-track LP and is being hailed as Blasko's finest to date. There is a strength to the album, lyrically and musically, that Blasko matched in her live performance. These songs ask the big questions: what is the meaning of life and what happens when it ends? These songs also reveal her deepest fears and longings and she delivered them with a new kind of intensity. She was almost trance-like in her performance and seemed driven to deliver her message with as much impact as humanly possible. This album explores a wider vocal range and it was great to hear Blasko utilising her lower register. Indeed, her performance was flawless.

Blasko is well-versed in performing by now, it's been nearly 14 years since she released her first album The Overture & The Underscore, and her maturity as a songwriter and performer is evident. While she is still idiosyncratically awkward, especially between songs, she seemed to own her 'weirdness' with both confidence and humour. There was plenty of banter between her and the audience, and it was wonderful to see such a large and loving Adelaide crowd there to support one of Australia's finest musicians.

Mention must also be made of her excellent band, featuring infamous Melbourne bassist Donny Benet, drummer Laurence Pike (of PVT), guitarist/keyboardist David Hunt and synth player Neil Sutherland. They supported Blasko with a precision and subtlety that allowed her to be the main focus. Blasko's dynamism has been mirrored in the '80s synth-pop aesthetic that was established on her last record, 2015's Eternal Return. Opening tracks Phantom and A Shot (from Depth Of Field) delved straight into the rich bass, drum and synth palette, Blasko and her band bringing this strong and beautiful album to life with such energy and passion.

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