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Live Review: Sarah Blasko

12 October 2015 | 2:21 pm | Tanya Bonnie Rae

"Sarah Blasko is a goddess, and her voice, otherworldly."

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What an impeccable evening. Sarah Blasko knows exactly how to captivate an entire audience and leave them still wanting more. She waltzed on stage wearing all black, dressed in shiny tights, an oversized tuxedo suit jacket, dancing shoes and sequined gloves. "This is an album you haven't heard before. I hope that's exciting, I'm excited!" she said, before starting with one of the first tracks off her upcoming album, Eternal Return, titled I Wanna Be Your Man.

Complete with stunning visuals by Mike Daly, the lighting and atmosphere on stage was lit up like a smoky underground jazz club; dim, cosy and scarlet red. Blasko sung I'd Be Lost and Beyond, in that really breathy, wholesome, bewitching voice, stopping only to tell us, "This is exhilarating. Phwoar!" We couldn't agree more. The visuals in the backdrop morphed into a glistening spider web of dandelion-shaped LED lights and Blasko sung the last track off her album, Without. The audience did not cease applauding until she re-emerged on stage for an encore.

One enthusiastic fan yelled something loud and indistinguishable, to which Blasko responded, "Whatever it was, it was said with passion. I can respect that. Now I can relax a bit and do some stand-up comedy." Not only was she charming but she carried a stage presence that was just awe-inspiring, seemingly with very little effort on her part. Blasko performed Here, with two band members playing the ukulele and the cello. It was mystical, raw, eerie and completely stripped back, evoking goosebumps and leaving many a hair standing on end.

She ended with All I Want, blessed with those haunting vocals, and thanked each member of her five-piece band before walking off stage to a standing ovation. Sarah Blasko is a goddess, and her voice, otherworldly.

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