Live Review: REVIEW: Full Tilt Melbourne

30 March 2022 | 9:00 am | Lili Jean Berry
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This festival was our first post-pandemic lifeline for a stacked all Aussie heavy lineup for 2021. Challenges with rising covid cases, border closures, & state by state restrictions took Full Tilt away from all cities in 2021. Finally, the first date went ahead in Melbourne on the weekend & hot damn it felt good!!

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SERIOUSLY, how good is it to go to music festivals again? Victorians and/or those who have travelled have been very blessed this March. The inaugural Full Tilt festival was a long wait but very much worth it.

The setup was simple. 2 stages, both under tent cover. Stage 2 was slightly smaller than stage 1. We got the set times nearly 2 weeks in advance to plan for how to dodge clashes but thankfully everything was very close together which helped. The weather was FANTASTIC! A warm 24 degrees & sunny. When 12PM hit it was TIME TO GO!

With the set times & hype on bands playing the smaller stage, it was impossible to catch every single band. Between myself and photographer Christopher Roese, we caught as much as we can for you to re-live.

Catholic Guilt on Stage 2

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Void Of Vision on Stage 1

The live performance of this band just continues to grow and grow. It's lucky they played the big stage because for the first band to hit Stage 1 for the day, it was absolutely packed! Void play with a hunger that needs to be witnessed to be understood. 

Drown This City on Stage 2

This was the best, most energetic set I have ever seen Drown This City play. The smaller tent was packed & the pit was running wild. The band played some older tracks that haven't been in their live performance for a while & sent the crowd next level. They are really getting to the perfect balance with Toby & Alex's screams & they have been lucky enough to play a handful of shows over the last few months that see their performance going up and up.

Make Them Suffer on Stage 1

As mentioned in our 5 Bands You CANNOT Miss at Full Tilt Melbourne piece last week, we reflected on this being their return to the stage after 2 years. They focused more on the heavy older sound, playing less of the untoured 2020 album 'How To Survive A Funeral' than expected. Sean sounded better than ever, I expect they will work on finding their new performing groove between now & their next set. Hope it's soon!

Antagonist A.D on Stage 2

Would you ever imagine an Antag set to not be this explosive? The second stage was closed during their first song because it was SO packed in the smaller tent. The same thing happened at Knight & Day, tells me this band need to be much higher on the bill & they are proving that point over and over. The NZ gang came out swinging & it was a pleasure to watch.

Luca Brasi on Stage 1

It's been a long time since I had seen this band live & it felt like going home. They have an energy & playing style that just comforting to witness. I felt for them that they clashed with Antagonist A.D. Given how packed the smaller stage was, and that it was still pretty early into the day, they weren't playing to what I imagine the crowd they could & would normally draw at a festival. But all members seemed unphased as they charged through their bangers one after another.

Psycroptic on Stage 2

It's no wonder why this band have been smashing out hardcore for so long. Their performance was that of a well-oiled machine and everybody watching at Stage 2 was all about it. Petition to put Psycroptic on every festival line-up?

Slowly Slowly on Stage 1

Hot damn high energy! Slowly can without a doubt put on a show. I thought Unify was the best time I had ever seen them & then this happened! This band was made for festivals. They pull a crowd & sing-a-long that could be envied by all bands on a lineup. They may be softer than some of the heavier acts of the day but if you saw them perform you'd have no questions that they belong with these bands.

Thornhill on Stage 2

Thornhill were spectacular, that is, if you got to see them. Stage 2 was at capacity before they even hit the stage. There were at least a thousand people trying to get in as they came on stage. Some people scaled the fences & went outside to watch them from the road. The lineup to get in created their own circle pits completely out of view & barely able to hear. It was chaos! Very clear they need to be much higher up the bill & on the main stage. As for their performance, they have come such a long way. Introducing cohesive outfit elements, moody makeup & the cohesiveness between them shows how tight-knit of a band they are. 

Frenzal Rhomb on Stage 1

The Bennies on Stage 2

Thy Art Is Murder on Stage 1

We mentioned in our 5 Bands You CANNOT Miss at Full Tilt Melbourne piece last week that you wouldn't want to miss this set on account of a high chance of a CJ McMahon meme moment. Well, it was a memorable moment that is FOR SURE! Given that CJ was spending time with his newborn, Bobak Raffiee of Justice For The Damned surprised the crowd on stand in vocals. IT WAS UNREAL! We can't wait to have CJ back but what a special moment for the band. It was an epic set.

Press Club on Stage 2

In Hearts Wake on Stage 1

In Hearts Wake have been able to execute some of their Kaliyuga album tour shows, however, none of them have been to full capacity audiences. Seeing them cultivate this packed main stage after so long of having to play smaller crowds was incredible. Their set had a wonderful mix of old and new tracks. Each receiving the same enthusiasm as the last. 

Clowns on Stage 2

Northlane on Stage 1

Holy MOLY! Well done, Northlane. My hat is well and truly tipped to this foursome. There is no doubt they were made to headline this festival. They played a great set mixed with old & new songs. There was pyrotechnics GALORE, C02 cannons, smoke machines & confetti. A whole level of production that perfectly compliments the energy this band provides when performing. Given the technical challenges got them on stage about 20 minutes late, by the time CLOWNS ended on stage 2, every single person at the festival was watching Northlane close out the night.

All photos by Christopher Roese

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