Album Review: Psycroptic - 'The Inherited Repression'

8 March 2012 | 8:24 pm | Staff Writer
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Noted Tassie metallers continue to evolve.

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We can map out the trends, draw up the relevant (and often irrelevant) sub-genres and highlight local metal bands worthy of praise, but all roads inevitably lead back to Psycroptic. Call them the pillars, the lynchpins or perhaps just simply call them the frontrunners, Australian metal is a lot more respected for having this quartet producing their own personal slab of heavy metal.

Tasmania might not be considered important enough for an AFL team but in a musical sense the inferiority is less discriminate. Psycroptic are that admirable, no-nonsense, cut through the bullshit type of heavy band.

A four year turn over between predecessor 'Ob(Servant)' and this fifth studio album 'The Inherited Repression' is an easy transition. While expected, it is nevertheless an important point to make. Beginning with 'Carriers of the Plague', the double kick feast greets the listener early and bellowing refrains of only non-founding member Jason Peppiatt set the tone.

Extreme metal is perhaps the most apt declaration here. This full-length is not exclusively death metal nor is it solely technical, it combines elements of both, but instead focuses on overall delivery and consistent song construction.

'Forward to Submission' breaks away from any obvious replications of an 'Ob(Servant)' part 2, with the sound arguably more melodic. Similarly, the guitar harmonies of 'The Throne of Kings' are engaging. 'From Scribe to Ashes' is a technical exercise that is one of the album's heaviest points. Closer 'The Sleepers Have Awoken' signs off on an album that serves its purpose but may leave fans hollow in small and fleeting instances.

Perhaps, 'The Inherited Repression' is guilty of not reaching previous heights set by the band and similarly the overall impact may not contain the same memorability. But what this 2012 release ensures is Psycroptic's continued and respected standing in the domestic and also international music market.

There is almost a certain duality to 'The Inherited Repression'. Almost to a conflicting level. On the one hand, this new studio album is an exercise in brilliant song construction, solid production values and talented musical ability. But on the other prevailing side, 'The Inherited Repression' is slightly average. It doesn't take those chances and set itself apart. Psycroptic are still in the elite category of Australian metal, however just take this album for what it is rather than expecting something exceedingly grand.

1. Carriers of the Plague

2. Forward to Submission

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3. Euphorinasia

4. The Throne of Kings

5. Unmasking the Traitors

6. Become the Cult

7. From Scribe to Ashes

8. Deprivation

9. The Sleepers Have Awoken