Plants Vs Zombies: Ground Warfare 2

4 March 2016 | 5:27 pm | Mark Beresford

"Ground Warfare 2 proves not all shooters require brain splatters to be entertaining."

Releasing a gaming title aimed at a younger family friendly audience can quickly result in minimal effort and maximum marketing in an effort to push numbers, this effect is multiplied when coming from a successful mobile platform to consoles and PC.

Plants Vs Zombies: Ground Warfare 2 couldn’t be any more different than this however, you can see the love that has been poured into every aspect of the game.

GW2 gives the gritty realism of a Battlefield or Call Of Duty and repaints it with a bursting palette of colours, character variation and energetic maps that not only matches more serious titles, but also leaves a lot of them behind.

Taking place on a Third Person Shooter battlefront between the two animated sides, you’re free to roam amongst missions and side quests of either side or delving into the ongoing combat that takes place dynamically around the games environments filled with insane characters and richly detailed visuals.  The immersion is bolstered by the virtually non-existent loading times as you seamlessly flow amongst the game.

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The combat system is incredibly addictive, and controlling a chrome battle suit armed cactus sniper to take out a series of disco zombies from a corncob helicopter heavy calibre turret is as surreal as it is entertaining. This combination of extremely well crafted back mechanics and a vibrant character system bridges the gap between youth and experienced gamer to generate genuine family orientated gameplay.

With a return to split-screen multiplayer, sharing the fun now only takes a single copy of the game, though online multiplayer and co-op play offered their own exclusive list of rewards amongst the daily bonuses.  Players can rely on card systems to obtain customisers for their choice of characters and planting various defences through missions and battles available through in game currency. While it can pay to experiment and plan these cards out, the game can be used and enjoyed without their interaction, giving this game a very comfortable learning curve for younger gamers.

Nothing about Plants Vs Zombies: Ground Warfare 2 feels rushed or included for the hell of it, the game is meticulously shaped to deliver a ridiculously fun experience that bigger titles seem to forget in favour of a millimetre perfect real world recreation. The thought of playing such a bubbly youth orientated title may put off some older gamers, though Ground Warfare 2 proves not all shooters require brain splatters to be entertaining.