Album Review: Pennywise - All Or Nothing

3 May 2012 | 6:56 pm | Daniel Cribb

The fact that Pennywise didn’t really change their formula for their previous nine albums had its pros and cons

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Pennywise has a lot riding on this album – not only is it their first in over four years, but it's their debut recording with new vocalist Zoli Teglas. Luckily All Or Nothing, the band's tenth studio album, doesn't disappoint. Anyone who saw Teglas in action at Soundwave in '11 wouldn't be too surprised by the result of his presence in the studio. Even though there's a new voice upfront, it's unmistakably Pennywise from the first chunky bass riff and punchy drum beat.

The fact that Pennywise didn't really change their formula for their previous nine albums had its pros and cons; if something's good, don't mess with it. That saying holds fairly strong with a lot of bands and there's an endless list of those who tweaked their sound to shit, but there's a point when you begin to overdo or start to recycle material. Pennywise reached that point and a new voice behind the microphone was exactly what they needed to ignite some new creativity.

All Or Nothing is pumped full of catchy pop choruses and a fresh energy that signals a new era for the band. Tunes such as We Have It All and Let Us Hear Your Voice are as good as melodic punk rock comes. With that said, no matter how great Teglas is fronting the band, no one can replace the legacy that original vocalist Jim Lindberg left behind. Building such an iconic band from the ground up means he's a legend in the punk community, and a somewhat irreplaceable asset.