Album Review: Paint It Black - 'New Lexicon'

13 May 2008 | 5:19 pm | Staff Writer
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Yemin strikes gold again…

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Taking into account his impressive

back catalogue Dan Yemin could be forgiven if he ever decided

to put away the mic and guitar and just, you know, go back to being

a doctor (seriously, stay in school kids). However after countless years

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and a slew of hard hitting and influential records punk rock’s resident

journeyman has given us another fifteen songs of raw, gritty and most

importantly melodic hardcore. 

When the music is this direct

and to the point it would be pointless to throw around a series of over

used terms and clichés to describe it, so I’m just going to give

you the facts. Firstly, the production is exactly what I was hoping

for! You can actually hear the guitars resonate throughout New Lexicon,

as opposed to the clean, almost pop sheen that far too many modern records

rely on. The bass is full in the mix and clearly audible when in sync

with the guitars and finally, the drums actually sound like a real kit,

not a computer program that has made every kick drum punctuation pop

like a fucking basketball. 

The thirty-second blast that

introduces “The Ledge” is pure adrenaline, only stopping for a short

breather in the song’s bass interlude, which acts as the perfect bridge

between the hard, and the melodic. “Four Deadly Venoms” is un-relentless

and although the band is never going to win any points for originality

they have found a way to make an old formula seem fresh and exciting.  

Although “We Will Not”

starts off at a slower pace compared to the previous songs it’s no

less aggressive, Dan’s spite filled vocal delivery giving the tune

more than enough energy, which makes for an interesting contrast when

you compare it to the pop punk chorus of “Past Tense, Future Perfect”.

Apart from its amusing title “Missionary Position” is another straight

down the line ball of energy which benefits from Andy Nelson’s

bass playing which brings us to “White Kids Dying Of Hunger”, New Lexicon’s stand out track. Switching between short, sharp

bursts of speed and slow, eerie passages this song is a perfect example

of what can be achieved when you throw out the punk rock rulebook. 

“Gravity Wins” and “Dead

Precedents” both have a pronounced groove to them while “The Beekeeper”

opts for a more jagged approach to its song structure. I’m not sure

if anyone else hears it but the Dead Kennedy’s influence running

through “Check Yr Mouth’s” opening sixty seconds is fucking great,

as is “So Much For Honour Among Thieves”. The disjointed guitar

playing in “New Folk Song” gives the song a quirky edge, as opposed

to the straight up kick to the balls that “Saccharine” provides. 

Great band, great record, enough


  1. The Ledge
  2. Four Deadly Venoms
  3. We Will Not
  4. Past Tense, Future


  5. Missionary Position
  6. White Kids Dying

    Of Hunger

  7. Gravity Wins
  8. Dead Precede