New Order

2 April 2019 | 5:09 pm | Joe Dolan

"Pure stand-up enjoyment."

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New Order has become a staple of the Comedy Festival circuit, a tasty little offering of UK and Ireland’s most exciting up-and-coming comedic voices. It’s a chance to see what else the world has to offer beyond the traditional idea of stand-up, and tonight is no exception.

Kicking off the proceedings is Mancunian Chris Washington, whose affable and welcoming delivery is an ideal jumping off point for the night. However, while his personable style is instantly comforting, Washington spends much of his set unnecessarily setting up his great material. His observational quips transcend cultures, but his admittedly great gags are buried beneath a hill of over-explanation and preamble. It takes a while for Washington to get anywhere, but when he does, it’s excellent.

Next up is the wickedly funny and just straight-up wicked Rosie Jones. Born with cerebral palsy, Jones has totally crafted her own style to suit her unique vocal pattern, completely disarming her audience before gutting them with a razor-sharp punchline. Her smiley demeanour is a front for some deliciously evil material, designed to make her able-bodied patrons squirm and question whether they’re even allowed to laugh at what she’s saying. Sheer comedic brilliance.

A similarly cheeky tone carries on as Catherine Bohart takes to the stage. With her expertly hilarious takes on sexuality, nationality and embarrassing parents, Bohart’s lilting voice cuts through the crowd as she compares fisting to a family Christmas. The young comic has already carved out her own notch back home, and there’s no doubt that she’ll return to these shores with a solo performance very soon.

Finally, the sequined tracksuit stylings of Mawaan Rizwan closes out the night, as the alt comic takes his audience on a tour of his self-aware weirdness. Rizwan shines brightest when he’s fully embracing his bizarre side, but falters slightly when transitioning between the usual and unusual elements of his stand-up. Be that is it may, Rizwan brings the night to a perfect close with a song about mangoes. Don’t worry, it makes sense in context.

While New Order is bookended by some comparatively lacklustre performances, the show undoubtedly remains one of pure stand-up enjoyment. A jocund sampling plate of some of the next big names in comedy, leaving the audience wanting plenty more.

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