Album Review: Nantes -- Limbo

10 April 2015 | 4:42 pm | James d'Apice

"Nantes take us on an incessant, gently melancholic journey."

Limbo pulses with life.

It's ever present, but never overpowering. Kicking off with 7, a woozy swoon of an opener, Sydney's Nantes take us on an incessant, gently melancholic journey. Think Scotland's disbanded Arab Strap's wounded frontman, Aidan Moffat. Think blustery days and wind that slices through you. Think Scandinavian crime dramas. This is cold climate pop music par excellence. Stay The Same – commencing as a muted melodic meander before launching into full melodrama a minute in – is the album's highlight. In late April, with cricket over with and winter's bite around the corner, the time is right for Nantes. Make sure you rug up.