Live Review: Middle Kids, Didirri

18 November 2019 | 4:02 pm | Emily Blackburn

"[T]he entire band produce a sound that is forceful and full."

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Emerging in a sea of yellow haze, Melbourne artist Didirri’s voice echoes across the crowd during opening track Randy Scouse Git, ending with an exceptionally rough and powerful guitar solo from guitarist Daniel O’Keefe. They're met with thunderous applause and whoops as the shredding continues throughout Bird Sounds, “continuing with some tragic break-up songs”. Didirri tells the story of how Worth The Wait was written in a Macca's car park, his charismatic stage presence shining through as the crowd giggles. 

The crowd is asked to pause their conversations to listen to a song that “cuts pretty close to home”. As the soft keys of Raw Stuff begin, the crowd hushes, vocals reverberating through every chest and that deep yellow haze creating a dream-like backdrop. Final song Can’t Get Last Night Out Of My Head has everyone yelling its chorus at the top of their lungs.

Didirri @ The Forum. Photo by Monique Pizzica 

As the opening guitar lines of Mistake ring out, Sydney’s Middle Kids are illuminated by a gorgeous backdrop of blue and purple lights, paired with long, twinkling light strips. It's a roaring start as people already begin to jump about, while bassist Tim Fitz runs around the stage during Never Start.

Joy gives her absolute all, her heavenly vocals soaring within the Forum’s acoustics. Coated in a sea of pink smoke for On My Knees, the entire band produce a sound that is forceful and full. The ethereal "Oooh"s of Real Thing are spine-tingling, while bright lights streaming through the backdrop for Maryland look like sunshineMiddle Kids fit this venue perfectly. 

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Middle Kids @ The Forum. Photo by Monique Pizzica 

As Bought It crashes and thrashes with heavy guitar and forceful drums, the stage lighting goes wild, adding ferocity to the fiery final chorus. The band are having just as much fun as the crowd as Joy dances her way through Call Me Snowflake and grins widely at the end of final track Edge Of Town, concluding an all-round epic night.